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CV 103

Calisia Vulcan type CV 103 is a type A3b (443:2008) helmet — it is light and provides very good ventilation. It complies with the essential requirements of Annex II of the Regulation
(EU) 2016/425 and with harmonised standards: EN 443:2008, EN 16473:2014, EN 16471:2014 which is confirmed by EU type examination certificate issued by the notified body No. 0497
CSI S.p.A. It also has a certificate of compliance with Directive 2014/90/EU (MED) marine firefighting equipment issued by the notified body No. 1463 Polish Register of Shipping [Polski
Rejestr Statków S.A.]. In addition, it meets the requirements of the GA44-2015 standard applicable in China.


Safety in extreme conditions

    • Resistance of the shell to impacts, punctures and lateral compression.
    • Full protection at low and high temperatures, resistance to flame and heat flux (tests at 1000°C).
    • Resistance to molten iron.
    • Face shield – the visor meets the requirements of EN 14458:2018, EN 166:2001 and EN 168:2001 standards, is resistant to high temperatures, flames and chemicals and ensures protection against infrared radiation, with anti-scratch, anti-fog filter.
    • 3M® reflective elements ensure the firefighter is visible.