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HTM 102

The HTM 102 TYTAN MAX fire helmet is a third category personal protection meeting as many as four standards for helmets. It is intended for use during fire extinguishing in non-urbanised areas (forests and meadows) and during technical rescue, mountaineering, canoeing and white water sport activities. The innovative design of the helmet shell is made in injection technology from the top quality raw materials with increased mechanical parameters. It’s a multifunctional, lightweight, ventilated helmet.


Safety in extreme conditions

    • Fulfils the requirements of standards:
      • EN 16471:2014 Fire helmets. Helmets for extinguishing fires in non-urbanised areas.
      • EN 16473:2014 Fire helmets. Helmets for technical rescue.
      • EN 12492:2012 Mountaineering equipment. Helmets for mountaineers. Safety requirements and test methods
      • EN 397:2012 + A1:2012 Industrial safety helmets (p. 5.1.1., 5.1.2., 5.2.1).
      • EN 1385:2012 Helmet for canoeing and white water sport.
      • EN 443:2008 Helmet for firefighting in buildings and other structures (p. 4.11, 5.13). confirmed by the EU type examination certificate issued by the notified body No. 0497 CSI S.p.A. in Italy.
      • AS/NZS 1801:1997 Occupational protective helmets.
      • AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 Personal eye protection which is confirmed by the certificate issued by BSI Group Australia.
    • Full protection at low and high temperatures (-20°C ÷ +50°C) in terms of shock absorption capability, resistance to ball impact with speed of 120 m/s, resistance to lateral compressive forces, resistance to liquid chemicals, hot solids, short-term contact with electric cables under alternating voltage of up to 440V and others in accordance with the above standards.
    • All exterior components of the helmet, including chin straps are flame retardant.