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Helmet TYTAN type HOT 101.04 is a state-of-the-art helmet intended for use for wildland firefighting (grassland fires, forest fires) and during technical and road rescue. The innovative structure of the helmet’s shell is made from fibreglass-reinforced polyamide using injection technology. This guarantees high mechanical strength and thermal resistance. It is a multi-purpose, light and ventilated helmet with excellent basic equipment.



    • The helmets meets the requirements of the following standards:
      • EN 16471:2014 “Firefighters helmets – Helmets for wildland firefighting”
      • EN 16473:2014 “Firefighters helmets – Helmets for technical rescue” confirmed by EC type examination certificate No. DPI/0497/1042 issued by the notified body
        No. 0497 CSI S.p.A., Italy.
    • Full protection at low and high temperatures (-20°C ÷ +50°C) concerning shock absorption capacity, resistance to piercing by a steel ball with the velocity of 120 m/s, resistance to compression forces, resistance to liquid chemicals and other aspects in compliance with the above standards.
    • All the outer elements of the helmet, including chin straps, are fire-resistant.
    • Reflective elements to ensure high visibility of the rescuer.



    • Face and eye protection – protective goggles or a long visor which can be lowered over a breathing mask and which enables use by rescuers who wear corrective glasses.
      Neck protector made from a fire-resistant textile.
    • Optimum fit and setting on the head of the rescuer due to the wide range of circumference adjustment (52-65 cm), a large knob that can be turned even in gloves, adjustment of the angle and the height, and a 4-point chin strap.
    • Panel ventilation system
    • A broad range of accessories – suitable for use with breathing masks and torches.
    • The shell is available in any colour.