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FHR 016

Category 3 personal protective equipment. Intended for firefighting and associated operations. Provides head and neck protection against hot elements and flames. Hood design guarantees
easy use and compatibility with air breathing apparatus masks. Close fit cut fills the space between shoulders and helmet, ensuring safety. Additionally, an elongated hood prevents rolling up as well as accidental slipping out. EC type review certificate issued by the notified body No. 2474 MIRTAKONTROL d.o.o. and the certificate of admittance issued by the notified body No. 1438 CNBOP-PIB.


Firefighter hood FHR 016
Very light, perfectly matched thanks to a 3D cut, which does not cause creases on the top of the head and tightly fills the space between the arms and the helmet. In addition, the lengthened circle scarf prevents rolling up as well as unintended pulling out.

Material structure:

    • Two-layered – fibre composition: 93% meta-aramid, 5% para-aramid, 2% antistatic fibre.
      Threads: 100% aramid.
      Available in a lot of colours, including navy blue and ivory.
      Size: universal.